About Us

Welcome to Akiba.World, your best choice for all kind of otaku merchandise!
AKIBA.WORLD is a part of Magia INC. Because we are stationed in central Tokyo, our team is specalised in finding products, which are unavailable in other parts of the world!

Our quality promise

We set ourselves the goal to send only official and exclusive anime and manga merchandise (for a fair price) to fans and collectors!

All our products are originals from Japan (with warranty)! Our low prices are achieved by a supply chain of our local partner, who get products more cheap. Further are some of our products used goods, and thus so marked on the related product pages. Those are, in accordance with the high Japanese standarts, always of optimal quality (e.g. sometimes only the package has been opened). A trial purchase of our high quality service will help give you assurance.

We are also sending our products as bundle and in that way we give you the option to get more products for a lower price. Additionally we offer worldwide free shipping (with faster premium sending options).

We want to hear from you!

Tell us if you liked your box and share pictures or a video of your merch! Further you can tell us which products or which topic you would like to have on our website in future.
We really appreciate any feedback to provide a better service for you!

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